• Finding the Best Auto Paint Prices

    Here’s an interesting question that many people ask after they’ve been involved in an accident: “Where can I find the best auto paint prices?” It turns out the answer may be closer than you think if you are at all handy.

    First and foremost, you must let the experts handle the big jobs, such as finding the parts that may have to be replaced. Let us assume for a moment that you are involved in an accident where your vehicle has the front fenders damaged, the hood damaged and, possibly, the steering rack, idler arms, half-shafts and other mechanical parts damaged.

    Experts Handle Heavy Work

    Once those parts are located and the mechanical parts that must be replaced by the experts are inserted, you may find that by renting a spray painting machine, finding the right combination of paints at the dealer and then finding a spot that not only has lighting and electricity but is out of the way, that the best auto paint prices are those you provide yourself.

    On average, you will find that a gallon of paint for a respray will cost anywhere between $32 and $92, depending on the make of the car and the availability of the paint overall.

    For example, if your vehicle uses a highly specialized color that a dealer can provide, then you will find that the cost of the paint will be on the high side, maybe as high as $92. While, if the paint is more generic, then you may find the cost of the paint is as low as $32.

    Here is where the real savings enters, though. If you decide to ready all of the panels yourself, including the internal panels that may need to be primed and painted and then the external panels that also may need to be primed and painted, you may find that the average $3,000 cost of repainting a car is cut significantly because of the “sweat equity” you are willing to invest to get the car back on the road.

    You Handle Painting

    Let us assume, for a moment that you can rent a spray painter for $250 per day and that you have access to no-cost or low-cost land where painting is permitted. And, let us further assume that the average cost of the paint is on the low end of the scale at $32 per gallon and that you need six gallons of primer and six gallons of finish or 12 gallons. You can begin to see the savings right here.

    Let’s further state that it will take about a day for preparation work so that the hood, inner liners and fenders will take about three days to complete. Then that means that you have spent $750 for the spray painter and $384 for the paint and primer. This puts the preparation and completion figure at $1,134, or a savings of about $2,000 over the costs that the experts have found.

    On further consideration it is best that you let the experts re-mount all of the panels you have painted so this could add another $500 or so to the bill. This means you have still saved and proven that doing it yourself is still the best way to go.