• Everything You Need to Know About Car Dent Repair

    If your car has minor dent damage you may be considering paintless car dent repair. For example, if your vehicle has been damaged by a hail storm, paintless dent repair can offer a much cheaper and less time consuming option that also maintains the value of your car.

    What Is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

    To return the metal of your car back to normal, technicians use special tools and work from the other side of the dent. Technicians can get to these spots by taking off inner panels or even through the windows.

    A lot of minor damage can fixed without notice, and without repainting. Basically, the technicians gently press the dent back into place. It isn’t an instant process, but slowly the dent recedes as the technician works. By the time the technician is finished, the dent will usually completely blend back into the body of the car.

    PDR Technicians use special tools to remove dents from nearly any part of a car. They don’t need to sand, use body filler or paint. Because auto makers are using better quality metals and paints when they build their cars these days, PDR has become a widespread alternative to traditional auto body methods.

    How Much Time Does It Take?

    The actual process usually takes around two hours and some shops will even do the repair right in your own drive way.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Like all auto body repair work, the cost depends on the severity and site of the damage. In some cases, the job can cost as little as $75. PDR can often offer a significant cost reduction when compared to traditional auto body work techniques.

    What Can Be Fixed?

    PDR can generally be used with small to large dents, vehicles built within the last two decades, paint that has not been damaged, dents that are not near the edges of a panel and areas of the car that have not had previous body work.

    Many people don’t realize that a car that has its original paint has a higher value compared to one that’s been repainted. This alone may be the biggest reason you should consider PDR over invasive auto body work.