• Drawbacks to Discount Auto Paint Jobs

    There are many paint companies which offer discount auto paint jobs to customers, but these cheap jobs also come with a lot of drawbacks in their packages.

    No Savings

    From savings that never seem to materialize to costs that keep rising because jobs are not finished on time, requiring customers to continually renew their rentals, the only outfit that seems to make anything is the paint house. There are many complaints consumers have filed which are actually the drawbacks of getting discount auto paint jobs. Some of the cons are listed below:

    • No Warranties: Due to low charges, the discount paint companies never seem to deliver what they promise. Not even on cheap auto paint are promises or warranties close to being met. For example, one person who received an estimate of $3,000 from a particular discounter not only found that the vehicle was not delivered on time, but that the extra time required the owner to retain an expensive rental.
    • Poorly Installed Parts: As the discount companies are offering low prices, their mechanics are generally not very well trained. This leads to poorly installed parts due to lack of experience among their staff members. Taking another example, a consumer requested a new hood on the automobile and money was allowed for the repair. However, when the owner went to close the hood, he found that the hood closed improperly and that one side closed before the other and also that, when the vehicle was driven, the hood chattered. In another incident, one discount paint firm broke an antenna and then denied it, even as the owner found them trying to glue the antenna back into place. Although caught in this particular lie, the paint firm continued to maintain that they did nothing wrong and, when they tried to order their way out of it and replace the antenna, they still did not repair it correctly.
    • Unreliable Estimates: Due to poorly trained staff, many a times companies offer an unreliable estimate. In one of the cases, a discount paint house gave the customer an estimate that was not only higher than other estimates, but at least $200 higher than the estimate provided by the insurer.
    • Universally Bad Customer Service: Discount paint houses seem to focus on providing universally bad customer service. Not only does one find a vehicle not ready when promised, but they will also find that the vehicle won’t be ready at near the time promised and when the paint house is called on it, all they do is bluster and threaten. Indeed, one customer found that they were threatened by the owner of a discount paint house, even after they paid with plastic and check cards. 

    Long List

    This list goes on and on but it does point out a salient factor: you get what you pay for. If you try to save huge amounts by using a discount painter, you will find that the only savings are the ones advertised. In the real world, they don’t exist.