• Do It Yourself: Sunroof Repair Instructions

    Rather than paying someone else to carry out a sunroof repair, consider doing it yourself. It is easy enough to do as long as you make proper preparations beforehand.

    Step 1. Choosing a Sunroof

    Due to the fact that all sunroofs are different, you will need to decide upon which model sunroof repair kit you require for your vehicle. Once you have purchased your sunroof repair kit, check all of the parts listed in the manual are included in your pack.

    Step 2. Preparation

    Unpack your sunroof parts, keeping a close eye on any loose and small pieces to ensure you do not lose them. Take the template of the new sunroof and place it over the sunroof hatch on the top of your car to ensure it fits.

    Step 3. Remove and Test Old Parts

    Remove your sunroof from the vehicle. Check each separate part individually and determine which pieces are broken and in need of replacement. You should test each part one at a time.

    Step 4. Opening the Sunroof

    Using a 4mm hex socket, open the sunroof so you are able to see clearly which areas need repairing. Whether the assembly is on or off, you will be able to open the sunroof manually.

    Step 5. Sunroof Headliner

    At this point you will need to make sure that the sunroof headliner piece is kept back. If not, you will be unable to fully open the sunroof.

    Step 6. Removing the Sunroof

    Remove the sunroof completely from the vehicle. This way you will be free of all constraints and have a bigger area to work in.

    Step 7. Reinstallation

    Once the necessary parts are repaired, you can reinstall the sunroof onto your vehicle. It may be necessary for you to make adjustments to the sunroof when you place it back on the vehicle.

    Step 8. Final Checks

    Lastly, you should check your sunroof for leaks. You can do this by slowly dousing the area with warm water. Work your way around the sunroof seal while checking inside the vehicle for any water leakages. Regularly clean the black metal frame of the sunroof to make sure there is no wax build up in the area. Do not use alcohol-based solutions, only warm soapy water.

    To help protect against any future damage to your sunroof try and follow these tips:

    • Try not to use anything other than a non-ammonia-based cleaner on your sunroof.  Also, make sure you clean the glass on your sunroof on regular occasions.
    • The rubber gasket on your sunroof also needs cleaning regularly. When doing this do not use anything other than warm and soapy water. Rinse off any excess soap and water when you have finished.
    • Silicon-based lubricants are good for keeping the rubber gasket soft and pliable, and these should be applied regularly to keep the gasket in good working order.

    Following the above guide and tips should help you towards a stress-free repair of your sunroof. Remember to follow the tips around cleaning your sunroof so you will not have the same problems in the future.