• Do It Yourself: Gas Gauge Repair Instructions

    If you are looking to do a gas gauge repair by yourself, it can be done. In older vehicles it is much easier to diagnose gas gauge problems because they consist of manual gauges. When there are issues with a manual gauge you may see that the lever goes below the empty meter on the gas panel. The lever may stay in one spot and not float to the correct level when gas is in the car. This can be bad for the drivers with this issue because they will not be able to tell how much gas is available for them while driving.

    Battery Gas Gauge

    The gauge repair is just not limited to the gas panel. A broken meter level can also be read on the battery gas gauge. Whenever your battery runs low, the gauge may not be working and you will not be able to tell whether or not your battery is working. It is imperative to have these gauges fixed. Unfortunately in an older model vehicle this will not be so easy to tell. Electric gauges are placed into the newer vehicles so it will be necessary to research more information on the electrical gauges. For those that are wanting to do the repairs at home, this can save on the gas gauge repair cost.

    Fuel Tank

    Not all problems are based around the dashboard. The fuel tank itself has a sending unit in place. It floats around inside of the fuel tank and as it moves around it sends signals back to the gauge. This makes it possible for you to see how much fuel is left over. In a vehicle that has a floating device it may just be broken. If this is the problem you can easily fix this yourself by taking the floater out of the fuel pump and replacing it with a new one. When there are issues pertaining to just the gas gauge itself, you can disassemble the dashboard and clear out any debris that is around the gauge meter. There are removal tabs on the side of your dashboard. Using your tools, you can loosen all of the bolts that are attached to the panel. The plastic levers should work again if debris managed to get inside of the holders.

    Replacement of Gauges

    When you are replacing the gauges yourself you can find these at a cheap price at most auto stores. Once you remove the gauge from the panel it is simple to fix the levers. Gas gauges are available in small kits. You should also check out the wiring to the gauge meters. There can be several variables that determine the cause of the gauge problems. New wires can be replaced and installed behind the dashboard. They are connected to these gauge meters. It is also important to check the fuses that are connected to the gas gauge panels. A quick replacement of fuses or wires will ensure that your levers work properly again. If you want to avoid the costs of an auto shop, look at all of the connectors that are around your unit.