• Common DIY Auto Body Repair Supplies

    If you plan on starting a project car of any sort, you will most likely need auto body repair supplies. If you’re an auto body professional, the list of supplies and tools you’re going to need will be quite large. However, if you’re someone who wants to get into project cars in their garage, the list will be much shorter. As the use of some of the more specialized tools requires extensive training. Below you will find a list of tools and supplies you will need, with brief descriptions of their use.


    The list of tools you’ll need for doing minor body repairs to project cars includes all the tools you’d normally need for doing the rest of the project. These include screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets and sockets which you’ll need for removing body parts or pieces to give yourself access to the area needing repair. Some of the other tools you’ll need include:

    • Rotary or orbital sander to sand out rust and paint.
    • Hammer set-Different types of body repairs use different types of hammers. However, a general purpose ball peen hammer will suffice.
    • Body blocks-These are blocks of specially shaped wood or other materials that you use to soften blows to the body part with the hammer and to back up the side of the metal opposite the hammer.
    • Slide hammer-Also known as a dent puller, these are indispensible for puling dents out.


    No body repair can be accomplished completely with tools such as hammers and sanders. There will occasionally be times where you’ll need to finish a repair by the use of fillers. Some of the supplies that you‘ll need will include the following:

    • Sanding blocks-Used for fine sanding of flat body panels.
    • Sanding pads-These you’ll need for the rotary or orbital sander for larger areas.
    • Body filler-This is referred to as Bond-O and is used to fill imperfections in your hammered or pulled repair.
    • Gloves-You will need impermeable gloves for handling some of the chemicals you’ll be using.
    • Respirator-You will need at least air masks to keep the dust from sanding out of your lungs. Bondo-O can damage your lungs severely if inhaled in quantity.
    • Safety glasses-If you buy the right respirator, these will be built in. If not, you need something to protect your eyes.
    • Rust blocker-This is a chemical that either transforms rust into a material that will accept paint and block further rusting. The best product is called Rust Mort. When applied, it converts rust into a polymer that will accept paint and stops the rust from continuing to ruin the metal. This is indispensable when working on older cars.
    • Shop rags-You’ll need a good supply of these to clean up messes and spills.
    • Drop cloth-This will protect the floor or ground in your work area from spills and such.

    Above you have been given partial lists of the tools and auto body repair supplies that you will need when working on automotive rebuild and restoration projects.