• Common Causes of a Windshield Chip

    A windshield chip is a small piece of your windshield’s glass that has been removed or chipped, usually by a rock. Windshield chips are quite common due to the causes.

    Airborne Rocks

    Roads are covered with various rocks such as gravel and asphalt. Cars passing over the roadways, especially at high speeds, can stir up these rocks and send them flying. Unfortunately, your car may be one of the objects a flying rock hits. If your windshield happens to be the unlucky recipient of a flying rock, it can leave a chip in the glass. Larger vehicles like eighteen wheelers are known for kicking up large amounts of rock. Driving directly behind them can put you at higher risk for airborne rocks.

    Airborne Debris

    Another cause of a windshield chip is airborne debris. This is debris created from vehicles transporting construction or other materials. Their cargo may come off the vehicle, putting it in a path to strike other automobiles. Debris can be sent into the air by the vehicle itself or land on the road and made airborne by other automobiles. If you see a vehicle creating debris on the road, it is best to avoid driving behind it.

    Mother Nature

    Storms are also the cause of windshield chips. Severe thunderstorms can stir up road debris and send branches and rocks flying. They can also dispense hail or chunks of ice that hit the glass of your windshield and create a chip. Tornadoes and hurricanes can also cause weather-related damage to your car’s windshield. While driving in a storm can sometimes be avoided, it is suggested to park your car in a covered area like a garage to avoid storm debris.

    Weakened Glass

    A chip in your windshield can cause a weak spot in the glass. This may make that part of the windshield susceptible to future chips or cracks. This is why it is best to keep an eye on any windshield chips you have.


    Repairing a chipped piece of glass is far less costly than replacing your entire windshield due to neglected damage. Windshield replacement usually requires more time as well. This means your vehicle will be unavailable for longer. Repairing a windshield keeps the original factory installation and avoids environmental waste from throwing the old windshield out. You can have your windshield professionally repaired, or there are windshield-repair kits offered by companies like GlasWeld and JC Whitney.

    Make sure any company you select to either repair or replace your windshield consists of trained professionals only. A poor repair job can not only cause the chip to remain, but also cause future damage to your windshield. Also be mindful of any company that encourages you to replace an entire windshield if you only have a small chip in the glass. If your insurance company is involved with a windshield claim, they will likely require the windshield be repaired, if possible. Having the windshield replaced when it can be repaired is considered insurance fraud.