• Choosing Cool Car Paint for Your Custom Car

    Cool car paint can make a custom or muscle car stand out from all the rest. There are plenty of custom car paints to choose from. The paint job is the last part of the customization, but the first thing that viewers will see. Your car should reflect your personality and be functional as well. You also should look at other cars for influences on your paint job. Think about clothing and artwork that you like.

    Step 1 – Design Personality

    It is best that your paint choices reflect your personality. It can be a great help to work with an artist to determine if your ideas will work. Many times a painter can offer suggestions that can make a car idea work properly. Your car paint can be flashy, conservative or sophisticated. There is custom paint for all types of individuals and ideas.

    Step 2 – A Theme

    The theme of your car is also important when choosing a custom paint. You should take into account your entire car, as there are colors that fit better with older custom cars while more high tech modern cars can support wild and bright colors. If your car has a very elegant interior with an exotic drivetrain, then classy and rich colors can be just the paint job to enhance it. Make sure you take in the big picture.

    Step 3 – Functionality

    You have to think about how you are going to be using the car. If you plan on driving it frequently then using an expensive pearl paint for $1,000 a bucket is not a good idea on the bumpers and fenders. Instead choose a paint that can easily be replaced, in case you get an occasional scratch or nick. If the car is only going to be used for shows and is more of an investment, then getting any paint that you want is fine as you do not have to worry about maintenance.

    Step 4 – Look for Influences

    You should look beyond just cars for thoughts on your car paint and design. Look at things that you like which include fashion, artwork, graphics, scenery, landscapes, movies and even music covers. Artists and painters are inspired from almost everywhere, so you should look further afield as well. Make a note of what you like and see if there are colors to match.

    Step 5 – Combining Colors

    Many people enjoy using two-tone colors and there are always some old standbys that look good; neutral and primary colors always work well together. However, there are more interesting choices such as copper with orange or silver with blue. You should try out the two colors side by side to make sure that they work. Also realize that choosing one color to be dominant and the other to be more moderate can make an otherwise clashing combination work well.  If you want to use two very strong colors, it’s recommended that you separate them with a neutral color.

    How Much Attention Do You Want?

    These custom colors are used to make your car stand out. You want to think about how much you want it to stand out and who you want to notice the car. There are many effects that will be breathtaking. If you want your car to stand out, see about using graphics and other effects.