• Brake Pad Brands Comparison: Pros and Cons

    There are a lot of brake pad brands available over the counter. Knowing which of these to buy can be difficult. Each of the various brands has good points and bad points and this article will address these differences. The top 5 brands available are:

    • OEM-Original Equipment Manufacturer
    • Wagner
    • Raybestos
    • Bendix
    • Duralast

    Original Equipment Manufacturer

    OEM brake pads are the original pads attached during manufacturing. They are only available at dealerships. They are custom built for every vehicle, no matter what make and model. These usually carry a one year warranty and are the most expensive brand.


    Wagner is one of the largest manufacturers of brake products in the world. Most professionals choose to use Wagner than any other brand available. Wagner has a lifetime warranty, but most companies have a one year warranty or a limited warranty, which is why most professionals use Wagner.


    Raybestos is also a favorite of mechanics and NASCAR because of the limited lifetime warranty. This brand is used by more NASCAR teams than any other brand. They’re very expensive, but they work better.


    Bendix is the same as OEM, but without the OEM prices. This brand carries a 1 year warranty 


    Duralast is the cheapest brand of brake pads, yet has very good quality. Duralast carries a full lifetime warranty. Duralast is usually used by shops in order to lower prices. but it doesn’t lower the quality of the product.

    If you want to be like NASCAR teams, use Raybestos, but if you would like to save some money and not spend a lot, Bendix is your best bet.