• Best Auto Paint Rust Inhibitors

    Auto paint rust can be a big nuisance to eliminate. If your car suffers from patches of rust or you have bought a project car which would benefit greatly from a good old fashioned cleanup, you need to know which products are out there to best help you in your endeavor.

    1. Rust Protection and Prevention

    There are many products on the market and they will claim their rights as the best rust inhibitor product. Extensive scientific tests can prove that some are better than others but climate and weather conditions play a large part in the overall condition of vehicles. Living in coastal regions and being exposed regularly to salt and water can cause premature rusting and oxidation to some vehicles. One of the most popular brands on the market for this type of prevention is Rust Bullet, which promotes its products as ultraviolet resistant as well as excellent removers of rust and oxidation.

    2. Primers

    Some primers are also equipped with chemical rust inhibitors. Applying a coat of rust inhibiting primer when you re-spray your car will prevent the buildup of oxidation and rust on any metallic part of the body work. Rust-Oleum is one of the main brands of primer which is used for rust issues. Primers are a coat of paint, so unless your bumpers are all the same as the rest of the body work you cannot use primer paint on them and you will need a metal rust inhibitor for those.

    3. Metallic Bumpers

    Metallic bumpers can be cleaned and de-oxidized using simple solutions of cola and aluminum foil. Rust inhibitors can also be used on other metal products as well as auto products. For car and body work there are spray inhibitors available as well as roll on and paint on. You can decide which method is best for your project when you choose which type suits your vehicle.