• Benefits of Urethane Auto Paint

    If you look at the many types of automotive paints available for any vehicle, you will soon come to the conclusion that urethane auto paint presents the best value. Urethane paints combine the best in paint and plastics technology so that metals receive the best coverage possible. Urethane auto paint can be categorized into two headings: polyurethane paints and polyether paints. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks.

    1. Full Protection: Single Stage Urethane paint provides the car with full protection from road abrasions from items such as rocks or sand and salt. Single Stage Urethane paint is also called an aliphatic or polyester. This is the toughest type of urethane you should consider for a vehicle.
    2. UV Protection: Using aliphatic polyurethane paint presents the best barrier you can have on a vehicle. Almost impervious to ultraviolet light – one of today’s key chemical oxidants – this type of polyurethane paint is not only almost impervious to ultraviolet light, but it also has another interesting property. It remains visually clean.
    3. Aromatic Feel: If you are planning to use Aromatic polyurethane paint, another type of polyurethane paint which is common, you can benefit from the aromatic smell it provides. The paint also offers a great deal of protection. There is a small negative aspect of the paint. It does not offer the same level of visual clarity that aliphatic paint does. This simply means that you may find that a panel where an aromatic is used will be off-color, while the harder aliphatic retains its original hue.
    4. Fungus Resistant: Urethane paints (polyether) are said to be resistant to attack by fungus and it is also said to be softer and easier to apply. This is the upside of this product.
    5. Easy to Use: Polyurethane paints are favored for areas where standard paints would easily break down. For example, if you look closely at the rear bumper or rear metal of a vehicle’s lower quarter panel, you will often find a polyurethane paint is used there. It provides resistance that other paints cannot.
    6. Used in Difficult Parts: You will a find them used in areas where it is difficult to reach. For example, you will likely find a polyurethane paint coating a shock tower or a coil spring simply because these are not easy places to reach. You will also find them in areas such as in the half-shafts used in transaxles and other areas where such protection is needed. If your vehicle is on a lift, it is quite likely you will also find that polyurethane paints are used on gas tanks, as well as the independent rear suspension pieces on a front-wheel drive car. Polyurethane paint also suggests itself as the paint of choice for special suspension placement tubes and for use on vehicle stabilizer bars where they are run out over units such as exhaust systems, making them hard to reach.

    Overall, urethane auto paints are one of the auto industry’s best investments for one’s long-term plans.