• Average Cost to Fix a Car Window Regulator

    The car window regulator in your vehicle is the component system that controls the raising and lowering of the side windows in your car. There are two primary types of window regulators; automatic window regulators use an electrical mechanism to raise and lower the windows in the vehicle according to a switch that you flip. Mechanical window regulators have a detailed system of gears and interlocking parts that require the passenger or driver of the vehicle to turn a small knob on the inside of the car door in order to raise or lower the window. The cost of fixing a broken window regulator on your car is dependent upon a number of different factors, the most important of which is typically whether the window regulator system is automatic or mechanical.

    Cost of Fixing a Mechanic Window Regulator

    A mechanical window regulator has a lot of different gears and components, but these systems require no outside electrical power in order to function. Thus, the process of fixing a window regulator of this type is not usually an expensive fix. The procedure entails taking apart the car door in order to access the interlocking gears and other components of the window regulator system. The worker who is servicing your vehicle will then have to determine at which point in the system the components have fallen out of alignment. Typically, the process of replacing the broken or misaligned component is a relatively straightforward one, and oftentimes the piece itself is small and very inexpensive.

    The largest component of the cost of fixing a mechanical window regulator is typically the cost of dismantling the door and putting it back together again once the window regulator system is repaired. The labor involved in the process is usually several hours. Thus, the costs of fixing a mechanical window regulator usually range from a couple of hundred dollars up to about $500, depending upon the exact cause of the problem. If an entire mechanical system must be replaced, the cost may be higher still.

    Cost of Fixing an Automatic Window Regulator

    Automatic window regulators are designed to control the windows in your car electrically. There are a number of more expensive components in this system than in the simpler mechanical one, and accessing and repairing them can be more difficult. Thus, while the process for repairing an automatic window regulator involves many of the same procedures (i.e. dismantling the door, etc.), the costs can be higher. Depending upon the damage and the problem with the system, the cost of this repair can be several hundred dollars up to well over $1000.

    In order to find the best deal on your window regulator repair, be sure to shop around for the cheapest options. Consult with different mechanics in order to get a sense of the estimated price of repairing the vehicle; you can make your selection based on these price quotes.