• Average Cost to Fix a Car Dent

    Most drivers will encounter the odd dent on occasion, so they will need to know how much it costs to fix a car dent. There are many methods by which a dent can be repaired, and some can even be repaired by the owner of the vehicle. There are some which are more troublesome and will require the attention of a professional.

    Size Matters

    You might imagine that a tiny little dent wouldn’t cost too much to repair, but you would be surprised. Paintless dent repair is on the increase and small businesses are popping up all over, having trained in the art of PDR. Obtaining a car dent estimate for repair, you could safely use the 1-inch guideline of around $25 per inch, over and above the base price. The average cost of repairing a one inch sized dent is somewhere in the region of $60 to $110 depending on your location and the company that does the job. Some smaller businesses will charge in the region of about $80 for a one inch dent to be removed.  For dents the size of one to one-and-a-half inches, the price ranges from $100 to $130, the average being $115. When having a specialist repair a car dent, cost is a negligible factor compared to the performance of the artist.

    Price Increments

    Prices tend to increase in increments of $25 per half inch. Therefore a dent with the diameter of around two inches will cost $125 to $150 depending on how close it is to two inches or two-and-a-half. The average would be around $135. Special tools are needed for dent repair, and the tools are not cheap to buy. If you hire an expert in dent repair you are paying for the expertise he or she will demonstrate when they complete a repair on your vehicle. They will have paid a great deal of money to train in the art of dent repair, and their prices reflect their skills.