• Average Cost of a Side Collision Repair

    A side collision can be a potentially damaging or even debilitating accident for your car; depending upon whether the damage is high damage or low damage, your car may be rendered completely immobile and useless. In other cases, however, you’ll be able to repair the damage that your vehicle sustained in a side collision. Unfortunately though, there is no way to completely and accurately predict the costs associated with repairing the damage from a collision of this type. There are a huge number of factors that contribute to the overall cost. The best that you can do to predict the costs associated with an accident of this type is to recognize the different factors that go into determining the costs themselves. Otherwise, you’ll simply have to have your vehicle examined by one or more mechanics or repair specialists to get an estimate of the cost of the damage and the repairs.

    Factors that Contribute to the Cost of a Side Collision Repair

    The single most important contributing factor that helps to determine how much it will cost you to repair your damaged vehicle is the amount of damage and its location. The more severe the damage is, oftentimes the more expensive. However, this is not necessarily always the case. If all of the damage is isolated on one component of the vehicle, the damage itself may be severe but the costs associated with repairing it may not be as steep as if the damage were to be spread out across a wider range.

    In order to repair your vehicle, a mechanic or repair specialist will have to purchase replacement parts for any that were damaged, treat and repair those parts that had sustained small amounts of damage, and then subsequently paint and treat the new components. There are also labor costs associated with all of this. Typically, a mechanic or repair worker charges about $40 per hour for his or her labor. In some cases, your specific repair functions may require multiple people working simultaneously to complete the procedure; in these situations, the cost of labor increases further.

    How to Lower the Cost of a Side Collision Repair

    You can lower the costs associated with repairing your damaged vehicle if you work to find aftermarket or previously owned parts to use as replacements. Look for salvage yards or used car part retailers in your area, and be sure to get the parts that match up with your particular year and model of vehicle. This can save you a lot of money in comparison with a procedure in which you purchase entirely new replacement parts directly from the factory.

    You can also further reduce the costs associated with the repair by completing as much of the process as you possibly can at home. This does require a bit of knowledge about cars and a lot of research, but this option can be extremely valuable to you in the long run.