• Average Cost of a Rear End Collision Repair

    Although there is no average cost associated with a rear end collision repair process, you should be aware that the costs associated with bumper repair and other methods of remedying the effects of a rear end accident can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to as much as $10,000. The wide range of costs is due to the numerous factors that contribute to the price of replacing parts, the labor associated with the work and several other factors as well. In many cases, if the collision damage to the rear of your car is particularly severe, it may not be a worthwhile investment to have the car repaired; cars in this situation are typically sold off for scrap or to a salvage yard. Still, although you cannot determine an accurate average cost for the repairs for your vehicle, you can make an estimate if you understand the various things that determine the cost of making those repairs.

    Factors that Contribute to the Total Cost of Repair

    A rear end collision repair process can be a minimal procedure or a complete overhaul of the vehicle. One of the most important factors that goes into determining how much the cost of repairs will be is the extent and severity of the damage. While more severe damage generally leads to higher repair costs, this is not always the case; if severe damage is isolated in one particular location on the rear of the vehicle, it may actually be cheaper to repair that one component than it would be to repair the damage if it were spread out amongst several different component pieces.

    The make, model and year of the car also help to determine the costs of repair. If you need to replace a component of the car, the more uncommon or rare the vehicle is then the more expensive it will be to find a replacement part, in all likelihood. Rare parts are difficult to come by and are often in higher demand, meaning that they are also likely to be more expensive.

    Finally, the cost of repair is dependent upon the labor costs. Most mechanics and repair workers charge about $40 to $50 per hour for their work. You can ask for an estimate of how long the repair process will take before you begin; oftentimes, the labor costs are several hundred dollars alone.

    Lowering the Cost of Repair

    If you want to lower the total cost of repairing your rear end collision damage on your vehicle, you can work to find aftermarket or previously owned components as replacement. These are invariably cheaper than the brand new parts that they are designed to replace.

    If you’re mechanically inclined, you can also stand to save a good amount of money by taking on some of the labor involved with making the repairs on your own. Be sure to research the damage and the repair process so that you don’t cause further problems for your car.