• Average Cost of a Frontal Collision Repair

    While there is not a true average cost of frontal collision repair, there are a few ways that you can estimate the total costs of repairing your vehicle if it’s been damaged in a collision or some other accident. Whether the car has sustained so called high damage or low damage will help to indicate the severity of the problem, which correlates somewhat with the costs of repairing the damage itself. Generally, the costs of repairing the front part of a car that has been damaged in a collision or an accident can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to about $10,000 in extreme cases.

    Factors that Help Determine the Cost of Repair

    The cost of the repair is dependant upon a lot of different factors. Among the most important is the year, make and model of the car that was damaged. Relatively common cars may have parts that are easy to repair or replace, while rare or uncommon vehicles are difficult to find parts for. The cost of replacing a part is a huge part of the cost of repairing your vehicle; in many cases, particularly if the damage is great and your vehicle is old or in poor condition, you’ll likely find that the cost of repairing the car may be as much or more than the value of the car in total.

    It’s important to also remember that the average hourly wage for a laborer or a mechanic who will work on your car is about $40. There will typically be one person working on the car, although in some cases there may be portions in which multiple people will have to work simultaneously to repair your vehicle. The costs of the labor associated with fixing the damage can therefore be several hundred dollars alone.

    Finally, there are additional costs associated with painting the car over once again. The paint will take time to match up properly and it will also likely cost a fair amount of money, even for a small amount that is used just to touch up a small part of the car.

    How to Reduce the Costs of Repairing Frontal Collision Damage

    One of the best ways to reduce the cost of repairing your car after the front of the vehicle has sustained damage is to search for aftermarket or salvage parts to use as replacement. These are oftentimes in excellent condition, although it may take some time and effort to locate them in your area. Almost always, aftermarket or salvage parts are significantly cheaper than brand new parts.

    If you’re familiar with your vehicle’s construction or if you are willing to spend the time to research and learn, you can also do some parts of the repair process on your own as a do it yourself project. In these cases, you’ll want to carefully research the damage and the proper correction procedures before you continue.