• Average Car Window Replacement Cost

    If your windshield or another window in your vehicle has been broken due to burglary, vandalism, exposure or some other type of damage, you’ll need to investigate car window replacement costs and procedures. It can be expensive to buy a new car window; if the damage is not severe, you may find that it makes more sense to purchase a cheaper car window detailing or repair kit in order to fix the window. However, keep in mind that windows that have been previously damaged are structurally much weaker than new windows, meaning that you’re more likely to have a window that you’ve repaired break again than you would be if you purchased a new window altogether. Before you buy a new car windshield, learn about the average costs for these components.

    Front Windshield

    The most expensive window in your car is the front windshield. The front windshield is the largest of the windows in the car. Still, it is difficult to name an exact average cost of replacing the front windshield. This is because the size of the windshield and the amount of labor that it takes to install it, among other factors, will vary considerably from one car to another. Generally speaking, the more expensive the vehicle is, the more expensive the car windshield will be. Most windshields cost somewhere between several hundred dollars and several thousand dollars, with the average resting somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000. However, this is for the component part itself and not for the entire installation process.

    The cost of installing the windshield in your car is dependent upon the difficulty of installation and the amount of time that it will take the worker to replace the windshield. Expect to add a few hundred dollars in labor costs on top of the amount that you’ll have to pay for the windshield itself.

    Rear Windshield

    The rear windshield is typically somewhat less expensive than the front. One factor that can increase the cost of a rear windshield, however, is the heating and defrosting panels that many cars have. If your rear windshield has these components, you’ll have to pay additional money for the installation process due to the rewiring and electrical work that is necessary to install that system. Generally, however, the cost of a rear windshield replacement is a few hundred dollars less than the cost of replacing a front windshield.

    Other Windows

    The other windows in your car are much smaller and are therefore cheaper and easier to replace than the windshields. These windows usually run a few hundred dollars in total costs for replacement. You can stand to save money by installing your own replacement windows if you’re willing to take the time to learn how to do it. Ask a professional for additional assistance.