• Auto Paint Meter Buying Guide

    If there is one piece of equipment that probably sees the most usage at a weekly auto auction anywhere in the United States, it’s an auto paint meter. Here are some tips in purchasing a new paint meter.


    Auto paint meters are used by car dealerships to determine the condition of a vehicle’s paint before getting into a car buying project. Many managers use them to determine if a car that is being used as a trade-in is worth the value they may be thinking of applying to it as these meters can indicate whether a surface has been re-sprayed.

    It is also used to check the paint thickness by individuals who get into a do-it-yourself car repainting project.  Additionally, it also helps in determining the sanding depth that a person needs to sand down before repainting.

    Features of a Good Auto Paint Meter

    If you have decided to repaint a car, you will also need to buy an auto meter. Below are few features you must check before making a decision.

    • Display: The meter should have a large back-illuminated display that can be turned a full circle and that can be used in just about any position. The reason for this is that sometimes reasonably good repaint jobs will be worse near the wheel wells or at the front or rear of the wheel wells.
    • Size: The size of the meter display should be at least one inch or more so that people with continuous focus glasses or bifocals can read it.
    • Turn: The meter, as noted, should be able to turn through at least four 90-degree points, giving one a complete circle.
    • Reading: The meter should read through 30 mils of aluminum or steel, although some will only read through 20.
    • Battery: The meter should also be auto-on/auto-off so the battery doesn’t discharge too quickly, and also make sure that it is self-calibrating.

    Other Aspects before Buying

    • Refund Policy: If the meter should fail within a week or less, then you should be able to receive a complete refund. There may only be a two- or three-day warranty.
    • Warranty: Be sure you read the warranty closely and make sure there’s no clause that indicates the vendor many “repair or replace” the unit at its own choice. Make sure there’s a two- or three-year warranty in place, even if you have to contribute a bit.

    Where to Purchase from

    • Internet:  There are many websites where you can buy auto meter. Most of the well known companies sell their products online and are open every day. You can visit their website and place your order.
      Authorized Dealer Shops: You can visit the shops of authorized dealers who sell auto meters. They are generally the most trusted source for buying auto paint meters.

    Tops Brands:

    • Defelsko
    • Elcometer
    • Quanix
    • FenderSplendor
    • Ultrasonic