• Advantages of a Foam Air Filter

    If you are planning on adding a high performance air intake system to your vehicle, you might want to consider replacing your common paper air filter with a higher air intake, higher performance foam air filter. Foam air filters offer several advantages and benefits over traditional paper-based disposable air filters and usually last for a lot longer period of time.

    The Benefits of Foam Air Filters

    Foam air filters are used in many high-performance vehicles and are even used in many racing cars as well. They allow for as much air flow as cotton gauze based air filters, and do an excellent job of trapping dirt, debris and other contaminants that can enter in your into your car’s engine and possibly damage it. Increased airflow intake means higher performance for any type of gasoline-engine based vehicle, and foam air filters are known to allow considerable amounts of air intake.

    By applying a specially formulated air filter oil, you can further increase the contaminant trapping capabilities of a foam air filter, while still maintaining excellent airflow through the filter. Foam air filters are easy to clean, and can often be cleaned with a mild detergent soap and warm water. However, if you use air filter oil on a foam filter, you may need to purchase specialty types of filter cleaning fluids to thoroughly clean the filter. Also, while foam air filters are very close to cotton gauze filters in their ability to filter contaminants and allow airflow, they are generally much less expensive than cotton-based air filters.