• A Brief Introduction to Different Air Filter Brands

    When it comes to your car performing the way it should, the air filter is one of the most vital parts. Air filters can be made from different types of material and perform better or worse depending on the material used. If you want to make sure your car is performing the way it should and getting the air it needs, you’ll want to know these different types of air filters:


    Paper air filters usually come as the stock choice in most vehicles. These filters cannot hold as much debris and do not clean the air as well as other types of filters because paper is not very breathable or sturdy. These filters work well enough, but should be replaced if you want to increase performance.


    Foam air filters are of a much higher quality than paper and deliver greater performance by shielding your engine from more debris than paper filters. These filters can also be washed for less maintenance and a longer filter life.


    Cotton air filters yield roughly the same performance as the high-quality foam air filters. These filters work by taking in as much oxygen as possible while keeping out as much debris as possible for the highest quality air intake for your vehicle.

    Depending on what you want out of your vehicle, air filters can prove to increase your car’s performance by using higher quality materials in order for the air filter to give the engine the air it wants and needs.