• 8 Tools Needed for Proper Muffler Repair

    There are 8 tools needed for proper muffler repair. A loud muffler is very annoying, and so is a costly repair. However, if you have these tools or can afford to get them then you may save even more money by doing it yourself.

    Before we explore the tools needed let’s take a look at the basics of a muffler.

    Muffler Basics

    The muffler is the final piece of the exhaust system, and it is positioned at the rear of the vehicle. The system’s objective is to direct the hot and loud exhaust gases produced by the combustion process out through the back of the vehicle. The gases make their way through the exhaust pipe into the muffler, and finally out the tailpipe. The location of the muffler means the car will probably need to be raised if you want to get a good look at it and handle on repairing it.

    Tools Needed:

    1. Jack Stands or lifts: Tools needed to raise or lift the vehicle are essential, but some find ways to go without. However, for comfort and accessibility a raised vehicle is best for the repair to be successfully done.
    2. Crescent Wrench: This wrench will be necessary to properly hang the muffler.
    3. Socket Wrench: The size of the wrench will be determined by the size of the bolts and nuts that need to be loosened. This wrench provides ease of accessibility.
    4. Hangers/Clamps: These devices will help secure the muffler in place.
    5. Muffler Chisel: This may be needed if you have to cut through or disconnect the muffler from the tail pipe.
    6. Tailpipe Expander: An essential if the tailpipe does not exactly fit perfectly into muffler. The expander can help the fit.
    7. Muffler Repair Kits: This kit should be in every trunk just in case of a muffler emergency. Most cases consist of a bandage, metal heat shield, wire fastener and instructions. These kits are great for quick, short-term repairs
    8. Cutting Tools: There are tools made specifically for cutting off mufflers from their attachments. These will come in handy if the muffler is a pesky one and does not come off easily. This may be the case if the muffler is old and rusted.

    All mufflers go bad over time. The elements take a toll on them. Bumpy roads can cause havoc with the muffler attachments, causing it to hang loose. And finally, rust and age can cause holes to appear. Any of these damages can make the drive embarrassing because a bad muffler means a loud noise.

    These tools are a great gift for the person interested in doing it themselves. Muffler repair doesn’t need to be expensive, especially with the right tools.