• 7 Best Automotive Repair Tools for the Do It Yourself Mechanic

    When you are caught in a situation with car trouble, you don’t have to worry if you have the automotive repair tools necessary. With this collection of tools, you can be assured of your ability to do simple repairs on your own. Once you have the knowledge of the functions of the different tools, you will be able to solve any problems that you may encounter while on the open road.

    1. The Jack: This automotive tool is a must have if you own a vehicle. It is mostly used when you change your tires. It can also be used to perform a repair underneath the car. It must come with jack stands in order to help hold the automobile up. This can prevent any injury of the person below the car or more damage to the car if it accidentally falls due to a weak support.
    2. Wrench Set: These tools are very helpful especially in turning objects like nuts, bolts and rotary fasteners. You will have an advantage in having a grip of the parts which are attached or fastened. They come in different sizes and lengths. A collection can help you do specialty repair, especially considering that there are specific wrenches for specific tasks. For instance, the oil filter wrench is used solely when you want to change the oil of your automobile.
    3. Socket Set: These tools are also used to unfasten bolts. There are different kinds of sockets for each type of car. You need the standard socket set if you have an American car, while for foreign cars, a metric set should be used. You must have this knowledge prior to purchase so that your socket set will really fit the bolts.
    4. Screwdriver Set: When it comes to fastened screws, a screwdriver will help you remove them. The tips of the screwdrivers will help you identify what kind of screws it can rotate. With proper application, you will be able to rotate and unfasten the parts of your machine which have screws.
    5. Crowbar: A very handy tool for changing tires. It also helps in changing the belts in your engine.
    6. Utility Knife: This is a very useful piece of equipment, especially for cutting purposes. If you need to cut down hoses while you’re working, this can be a great tool.
    7. Pressure Gauges: These measuring devices will help you check the pressure in your oil. You can also check the air pressure in the tires.

    These 7 repair tools are commonly used and will work for about 90% of all do-it-yourself car repairs. These tools are very easy to find and can be located in just about any major department store or chain of automotive repair stores. You should have no problem finding these products at a store near you.