• 5 Car Dent Removal Techniques that Work

    The need to undertake car dent removal can be a necessary evil when you own a car, whether it is a result of a tight parking space or it appears without explanation. There are a range of techniques that can be used to rectify the problem.

    1. Household Plunger

    Car dent removal of basic dents can often be undertaken with a regular plunger if it is done correctly. This method will be easier to complete with large dents that don’t contain any holes or creases. There may be occasions when the strength of the seal around the mouth of the plunger can be improved with the application of petroleum jelly. Firmly attach the mouth of the plunger to the bodywork by making sure that it is centrally and securely placed, and firmly grip the handle before giving it a sharp tug. This should enable you to pop the metal back into its original place.  

    2. Car Dent Plunger

    There are a range of plungers and pullers available from car supply stores that are specifically created for car dent removal. Many of the plungers will look like a smaller version of a standard household plunger. They will usually allow you to remove air from the head of the appliance after it is in place to create a tight seal. This paintless dent repair method will not require any further work after the dent has been rectified.     

    3. Dent Puller

    A car dent puller can be obtained from car supply stores and hardware stores. This will require you to drill a hole in the center of the dent before using the equipment to pull the bodywork back into place. Make sure that you drill the hole carefully so that you do not push the drill bit further than necessary. Avoid drilling a hole that is larger than it needs to be. Position the wire component of the tool within the hole and secure it to enable you to pull it out so that it pops back into place. Once the dent has been rectified, the hole will need to be repaired with the use of an appropriate filler and paint.

    4. Mallet

    Where you have access to the reverse of the bodywork that has suffered the dent, a rubber mallet may be a sufficient method of car dent removal. On large dents to areas such as the hood, carefully use a mallet on the reverse to pop the bodywork back into place. To prevent the metal being hammered out too far during repair, undertake this process gradually while continually checking your progress.     

    5. Hammer  

    A metal work hammer can be used for the car dent removal process, specifically for small or uneven dents. The hammer can be used on the reverse of the bodywork panel to force the metal back into its original position. The hammer head is likely to be rounded and can be covered with cloth in order to prevent it from doing any unnecessary damage.