• 5 Best Car Scratch Remover Options

    If you are looking to use a car scratch remover you have found the best place to read about them. Here are the top 5 car scratch removers. It is important for you to note that these scratch removers work best once you have washed your vehicles. There are different coats on your car so a sandpapering session might be required before you apply the gel or liquid base to your vehicle. For the best results only apply the scratch removers to your car in a shaded area. Direct sunlight can affect the results. It would be best to also let the application dry before it is exposed to rainy weather conditions.

    1. Quixx Paint Scratch Remover: An ideal paint scratch remover if you happened to bump a fence or scrape a mark on your vehicle you can use Quixx brand to remove it. Simply apply the solution and wipe it off with a cloth. You will not notice that you ever had a scratch on the car to begin with. 
    2. Fu Finish Scratch Doctor: This is a great application to try on newer vehicles that you have just purchased. This is a flawless application process that promises to be quick for the user. You do not have to wait around for results and this happens to be the favorite for many users. If you are looking to purchase this particular brand you will be able to find it on several Internet sites and shops. Fu Finish Scratch Doctor retails for a price around $10.
    3. Simoniz Fix It Pro: This is a great scratch removal tool. You will notice that it comes in a pen like applicator so you can draw the scratch away. The chemicals are not toxic and the results are permanent. Also it is water resistant and odorless. You do not have to worry about ordering any color specific treatments because this works on all colors. It’s great for anyone that wants a scratch remover in a marker like style.
    4. Voodoo Ride VR7006 HEXX: This product works great on black vehicles. If you buff the surface first you will have a better chance of using this product to its full potential. It is capable of fixing heavy duty scratches and this 4 oz. bottle is travel size so it can be carried around in the vehicle.
    5. CRL SRP Finishing Compound: This is a heavy duty, industrial type strength powder used to take on deep scratches and scuff marks. If you are wondering how to use this, you can’t mix it with water and apply that way. You will have to use a machine that can grind down the powder and seal it to the car itself. If you ever have an issue where you will need the paint removed and fixed this is the product to buy for your vehicle. This comes in a 14 oz bag and retails on the Internet for almost $50. This price does not include shipping to your home. If you can’t find a reliable scratch remover, this is the product to buy.