• 4 Top Brake Fluid Brands

    Brake fluid is extremely important in hydraulic brake systems. It transfers the force to enable your brakes to stop your vehicle. There are three types of oils and they are glycol-ether, mineral oil and silicone. Some people swear by certain brands, but there are many brands out there that offer great results. Brake fluid doesn’t need to cost a lot either. Here are 4 of the best brands out there.

    • Motul 600 racing brake fluid is extremely popular and can be found at most gas stations. It’s one of the pricier fluids, at around $16 dollars per bottle. It’s great at high temperatures, and even better in the rain.
    • STP brake fluid is a DOT 3 fluid that is one of the cheapest, yet most efficient on the market. It only costs around $3 or $4 for a 12 ounce bottle. This fluid prevents corrosion, and protects against vapor lock. 
    • Motorex Dot 4 brake fluid is another inexpensive fluid that may be right for your car. It has a wet boiling point of 165 degrees Celsius. It’s excellent under hot temperatures and provides optimum performance. No vapor can form when you use this brake fluid, and the braking it provides is one of a kind.
    • Castrol GT LMA brake fluid is the last on the list. For only $4 dollars, it’s one of the best fluids for the lowest cost. It has a very high wet boiling point, so there are no vapor locks. Another advantage is that you can mix it with other brake fluids. It’s good for any hydraulic system with DOT 3 or DOT 4 requirements, and is great in anti-lock brake systems as well.