• 4 Secrets to Custom Auto Painting

    Custom Auto Painting is not as easy as it seems, but if you do have a little experience, you can make sure that you have a really great paint job on your car. Here are a few tips that novices can follow to make sure that they have a really great job done on their car.

    Good Foundations

    When you are going to be spending time and money on making your car a work of art, you have to make sure that the underlying foundation will preserve it. Paint will not stick to an improperly prepared surface and you are likely to end with peels, cracks and bubbling. Don’t waste time on shortcuts. Just prepare the underlying metal surface as good as you can to preserve your paint job. Wait for each coat to dry. Do not paint over still shiny paint and make sure that there are clear coats and base coats that are applied in the right sequence. It’s worth it in the long run.

    Test the Colors You Have Selected

    Most car paints start to look different after two or three different layers. They also look different when you use different primers on the metal surface. As a result, make sure that you try the color out on trial surfaces to get an accurate idea of the flow of the paint and the shade that it will eventually be. If you need to use a flake shade, you should try out different base coat and candy coat combinations until you get the right shade. Make sure that you note down the shade and toner combination along with the coats that you have applied on the trial sheet to get the same shade on your car.

    Clean Your Instruments and Clean Your Hands

    Custom car painting also depends on the instruments that you have used to paint your car. If you are using spray guns, make sure that you have them cleaned before you rest them. Make sure that you clean your hands regularly too. Most paint imperfections are due to contaminants transferred from hands onto a wet paint surface. Clean your hands regularly to get rid of oil on your hands or they leave prints on the newly painted surface. Preferably use gloves the whole time time when you are painting your car.

    Check the Paint Shade on Cloudy Days

    The actual shade of metallic paint can be confusing. Try to avoid painting on cloudy days as the shade can be completely different. As a precaution, check with the manufacturer about the time that the paint needs to dry before you can repaint it. Paint also changes as it dries, so be prepared for changes in shades for metallic and pearl shades. Make sure that you check the paint layers in direct sunlight as well as the dark. Sometimes you do see alternate layers of dark and light shades that are caused due to uneven movement of the spray gun. These bands are not really visible in sunlight so there is nothing to worry about. The hood and the roof are the most common places where you will notice this problem. Another point to remember is that mixing of colors can create wonderful new shades. Just be careful though to test the new shade thoroughly before application.