• 4 Fastest Body Shop Collision Repair Companies

    With an increase in the number of road accidents that occur each day, there is a growing demand for body shop collision repair companies. Although you may not be required to carry out repairs at an auto repair facility listed on your insurance network, it’s best to consult your insurance company before fixing your vehicle or initiating the claims filing process. As a general guideline, it’s beneficial to carry out auto repairs at a certified collision center. To find a list of automaker certified collision centers in your area, visit your carmaker’s website and look for a network of certified dealers and auto body shops by entering your zip code. These collision centers use genuine or OEM parts and employ trained and certified technicians to work on vehicles. However, if you prefer to get your car inspected and repaired promptly, you might want to consider the service offered by fast body shop collision repair companies. Although there are numerous, competitively priced collision repair centers in every state, its best to contact some the below mentioned companies, to determine the timeframe within which they will complete your car repairs.

    Collision Repair Companies:


    You’re likely to find one of the DuPont Performance Alliance collision repair centers located in your area. This company is backed by several long years of experience in auto repair. They’re capable of restoring your vehicle within a short period of time. They also focus on customer satisfaction and make sure the repairs are handled in a quick and efficient manner. To find a Performance Alliance member shop in your area, visit them online. Click on the ‘Find a Shop’ tab and enter your zip code. You could also look through their ‘Auto Body Repair Process’ manual to get detailed information.


    CARSTAR is one of the major car collision repair companies in North America. Each store, located in almost every state, is locally owned and operated. They employ trained technicians to carry out collision repairs in a timely manner. They’re also rated high in terms of customer satisfaction.


    Maaco collision repair is another company that claims they can complete your collision repairs faster than other body shops in your state. They also offer quality repairs at affordable prices and work with major auto insurers to make sure your claims are filed as quickly as possible.

    Service King

    Service King is an auto collision repair company that focuses on customer needs. You could visit them online to get free computerized estimates, research your payment options and find a collision center located near you. They work directly with your insurance company and ensure your vehicle repairs are performed within the given time line.

    In order to save time, its best to contact each collision repair company to find out the price changed and the time that will be taken to complete your car repairs. This will help you select the ideal company to work with. It’s also advisable to read online reviews of collision repair companies located in your neighborhood, to beware of the services offered by unscrupulous auto repair shops.