• 4 Auto Body Painting Tips and Techniques

    Contrary to what some people may think, a do-it-yourself auto body painting job is not that difficult. If you know the basic steps on how to do this job, then you are well on your way of becoming a knowledgeable car painter.

    However, there are some tips and techniques you will find beneficial in doing an excellent job of car body painting.

    1. Know the Color Code: Finding the right color to paint your car may seem easy, but it can be quite tricky if you do not know some basic facts regarding auto paint colors. Matching your paint colors by yourself is a little difficult. However, you can get the exact type of color from your original color if you have the vehicle’s color code. The color code is often times stamped on your car. It can be on the glove compartment, by the door or even under the hood of your car. The location depends on the make or model of your car. Once you have obtained the vehicle color code, you can ask the manufacturer if they have any variants of the color you want. Variances in the color mixture provide you with subtle changes in the color. When choosing paint colors, it is also important to know that the dark colors will show almost all of the flaws in a car body, while light colors on a car body is more forgiving to flaws.
    2. Mask off your Car: There are some techniques you can follow to make your car painting job look a lot more professional. Probably one of the most important tips is to mask off your car before painting. Masking is probably one of the single most important jobs in auto car painting. Masking helps prevent over spray as well as having paint on any area that was not supposed to. Make sure you mask the areas around where you do not plan to paint. Do not forget to seal the joints between the body panels to prevent the spray from getting in between them. With a thin plastic tool like a plastic knife, tuck in the masking tape under the edges of any remaining trim like the windshield. Another way to make your do-it-yourself auto car painting look more professional is to thoroughly clean the body. Even though this sounds quite simple, how well you clean the car will essentially affect the end result.
    3. Clean Car Thoroughly: One of most common mistakes made in a do-it-yourself car painting project is not cleaning the car body thoroughly. Some people tend to neglect this step. However, washing, rinsing and drying your car body will help you identify the damages of the body, the things you need to work on, and if your car body requires any other treatment before the paint job.
    4. Go from Top to Down while using Spray Gun: Another common mistake made is when using a spray gun. When using a spray gun, always start from the top of the car body going down. This is to prevent the paint from running as well as to have a light, even painting. Also, when spraying, make sure you press the trigger even before you reach the area to be painted. This is to prevent any puddling in certain areas.