• 3 Tips for Avoiding Auto Glass Repair Shops Hidden Fees

    Working with auto glass repair shops can be a tricky business. If your windshield or another window on your car has been damaged beyond the point that you can repair it with a damage repair kit, you’ll need to contact a shop of this type in order to have a specialist repair or replace the window. This process can cost a good amount of money, depending upon a number of factors that include the type of car that you have, the model year, the window that was damaged and the extent of the damage as well. Unfortunately, there are also occasionally hidden fees that crop up as well. In order to avoid these unwanted costs to your repair amounts, you’ll need to work to find a reliable and trustworthy repair shop and be completely aware of what is going on at the outset of the repairs.

    Select a Repair Service Carefully

    As with other businesses and repair services, you’ll find that some auto glass repair shops are more trustworthy and reliable than others. If you suspect that a shop or a service provider is not going to treat you fairly, you should avoid working with him or her. In some cases, however, it can be difficult or impossible to tell whether or not this will be the case before you hire a worker to help you. Thus, it pays to take your time in selecting a repair service. This will help to ensure that you don’t work with anyone who is going to commit a scam at your loss.

    Look online for review sites that provide customers with the opportunity to share experiences that they’ve had. You can also check in with mechanics around your city or town. Finally, you may wish to look for other auto owners who have had their windows replaced or repaired; they can share their experiences with different local companies and workers.

    Get a Contract

    Make sure that the repair service you select provides you with a written document detailing the extent of the work. After the work is done, you’ll need to make sure that the service provides you with an itemized breakdown of the costs. Check over this carefully in order to be sure that everything adds up, and do not be afraid to ask questions of the service provider if you’re unsure of what any line item stands for or if you think you’ve been overcharged.

    Read Any Contract Carefully

    Before the workers begin, read over the contract carefully and scan it for any potential fees that could be added later on. If you notice anything suspicious, do not sign the contract agreement until you’ve had the opportunity to voice your concerns with a representative from the repair service and your mind is put at ease.

    If you feel that a service has scammed you, do not hesitate to report that company to the Better Business Bureau in your area.