• 3 Bumper Scratch Repair Methods

    Bumper scratch repair can be a costly process if you need to make a claim on your insurance. You will likely have to pay your deductible and that might end up being more than what it costs to repair. You might just decide that it’s cheaper for you to repair it yourself, in which case you will just need a few items and some time on your hands.

    1. Color Coded Bumpers

    Scratches vary in size, shape and length, as do bumpers. If your car bumper is color coded to your vehicle you can still mend it yourself. You will need masking tape, matching paint, clear top coat, sandpaper and a sponge and soapy water. Start by rubbing down the area and sanding it smooth. You will lose some paint from the undamaged area, but this is to be expected. Wash the bumper down with the soapy water and sponge and then either wipe it dry or let it air dry.

    Mask off the damaged area to avoid over painting. Use the matching paint and spray a light covering coat over the area. Leave that coat to dry and then apply a second coat. Leave that to dry and then apply a clear coat if required. Once you remove the masking tape you might find a very gentle lip of paint where the edges were. You can use a wax polish to blend that because it will still be marginally soft enough to blend away without scarring.

    2. Vinyl Bumpers

    These are a nuisance to fix, but to reduce your bumper scratch repair cost you can do it yourself. When you get a scratch on a vinyl bumper the best thing you can really do is use a tiny amount of resin compound colored to as close to the bumper color as possible, and then try to match the pattern finish on the vinyl to disguise it. You can try heating the area gently with a heat gun and using a heavy sandpaper to disguise the scratch. Don’t rub the sandpaper onto the bumper, just apply it to the area and press it in gently and pull it away again to emulate the mold.

    3. Metallic and Chrome Bumpers

    These are probably the easiest bumpers to remove scratches from. It does depend largely on the depth of the scratch, but let’s work on the idea that it was a gentle ‘kiss’ and not a deep gouge. You can initially try to wipe the scratch away if it is just a surface mark. Use cola and a rolled up ball of aluminum foil. Dip the foil in the cola and rub the area. It will bring the metal or chrome up to a brilliant shine and remove any oxidation at the same time. If the scratch comes off as you use this method, you have a quick and easy fix to your problem. If you need to buy a bumper scratch repair kit to assist you with a more difficult scratch, then find a recommended brand.