• 2 Signs a Brake Drum Needs Resurfacing

    If your car is equipped with drum brakes in the rear, it is very important to know the signs of when a brake drum is worn out and needs resurfacing. The following are 2 signs to look for to help you identify this situation.

    1 – Grinding or Squealing Noise

    One of the most obvious signs that one of your brake drums may need resurfacing is a grinding or squealing noise coming from the rear. This is usually caused by pads once their braking material is completely worn off. When this happens, the hard metal of the pad grinds against the metal of the drum, causing damage and requiring either drum resurfacing or replacement.

    2 – Pedal Pulsation

    A pulsing feeling in your brake pedal when you apply the brakes is another sign that one of your brake drums needs resurfacing. Over time, because of heat and wear, your brake drums can become out of round on the inside. When this happens, the brake shoes will transmit this back to the pedal with a pulsing sensation. The only things that will remedy this situation is either brake drum resurfacing or replacement.

    If you encounter either of these symptoms and can isolate them to the drum brakes on your vehicle, they are clear signs that at least one of your brake drums needs resurfacing. To ensure proper braking performance and safety, you have this taken care of as quickly as possible. Worn out brake drums are not just annoying, they are dangerous.