• Negotiation Tips when Working with Auto Loan Brokers

    If you are in need of a car loan, auto loan brokers can help you find options to finance a vehicle purchase. Regardless if you have an excellent credit score or have had some past credit problems. Car loan brokers make the loan process much easier by negotiating car loan terms with lenders on your behalf. They can also help find a car loan rate that you can live with or get you approved when others can’t.

    However, just as when dealing with any other party involved in the purchase of a vehicle, there are negotiations to be made, which may be able to help you save on a car finance loan and lower the overall total cost of the vehicle. Continue reading to find out how to negotiate a better deal with an auto loan broker to make your next car loan as affordable as possible.

    Don’t Agree to Pay Broker Fees

    You should never utilize the services of an auto loan broker that charges you. In fact, if an auto loan broker asks you to pay a fee or service charge for their services, it might not be a bad idea to simply leave the office. However, if you want to be nice and give the broker a chance, simply remind them that they should be receiving a generous commission from whichever lender ultimately funds the loan needed to purchase a vehicle.

    This is by far the easiest part of negotiating better terms with a car loan broker and should not be needed. However, don’t be afraid to tell the car loan broker that you simply refuse to pay a fee for their services.

    Offer To Put Down More Cash

    A good car loan broker wants to get the best deal possible for their clients. The broker knows that by helping clients get the best deal on car loans, they are more likely to refer colleagues, friends and family members that need car loans in the future. However, even the most experienced car brokers are only able to negotiate rates and terms with lenders based on a client’s personal credit situation and other factors.

    One of the most important factors that will determine how much of an interest rate you pay, along with loan terms that will be offered to you, is the amount of cash you use as a down payment. Simply put, offering more cash will enable the car loan broker to negotiate better rates and terms with any potential lenders that is considering providing you with a car loan.

    If this requires you putting off the vehicle purchase for a month or two, you may be able to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by doing so. It may be inconvenient, but wait until you have a considerable down payment so you can get better terms on the loan.

    Ask About More Suitable Vehicles

    Another way to help the auto loan broker get you a better interest rate or repayment term is to simply choose a vehicle that is more attractive to potential lenders. This is particularly effective if you are applying for a car loan and have past credit problems.

    Instead of being unreasonable and resistant to more suitable vehicle options, allow the broker to help you choose a vehicle that offers better collateral for lenders. This will allow the car loan broker to possibly negotiate better rates and terms for the car loan.