• How to Get an Auto Loan Modification with Bad Credit

    Getting an auto loan modification is not impossible with bad credit. Many people suffer financial setbacks in their lives and an auto loan modification may help a person’s financial situation. An auto loan modification is when the bank rewrites your loan to lower your monthly payment. The bank may also be willing to modify the loan amount for a customer.

    Situations That May Warrant a Loan Modification

    A situation that may qualify a person for an auto loan modification is someone who has lost their job. A loss in the value that your car is worth may also qualify you for an auto loan modification. If a person is upside down in their loan, meaning they owe more that the vehicle is worth, then they might qualify for an auto loan modification.

    What You Need to Apply

    Before contacting the bank to inquire about the possibility of an auto loan modification, a person should make sure to have their financial paperwork together. This includes any bank statements, paycheck stubs and monthly bills. Most banks would rather approve someone for an auto loan modification rather than pay the costs of a repossession, so if you can provide evidence of a hardship such as loss of income, income deduction, illness, etc, the bank will more than likely work with you.

    It’s better to attempt an auto loan modification than letting a car loan default as most car lenders don’t want the cost or hassle of a repossession. Let the banks work with you to find a monthly car payment that fits your budget.