• How to Get a Short Term Car Loan with Bad Credit

    When trying to attain a car loan, bad credit can get in the way. Short term auto loans one can attain via the Internet and other sources typically need to be repaid within approximately 15 days or so. The steps to getting an instant car loan with bad credit can be done in a few steps.

    Make Sure Qualification Criteria Are Met

    In order to get a short term car loan, one needs to be at least 18-years-old. To help assure the lender of one’s ability to pay, one will need to prove they have employment that brings in a certain dollar amount per month. Some companies that offer poor credit car loans may also require one to have a checking account.

    Before applying for a short term loan, one should be very certain about their ability to repay the loan in the time specified. The amount of money one will need to have not only will include the principal amount, but also the amount due from interest and lending fees.

    Shop around for a Lender

    Companies one has a financing history with may offer short term loans; this may be a good place to start. If this is not an option, Internet and phonebook searches can bring up a list of lenders that offer these types of loans. One must be wary of any lender that offers short term loans that one has not heard of, have a strange name, do not seem professional, rush an applicant into the loan process, or are not willing to provide information sought—just because a company appeared on a search engine does not mean they can be trusted.

    An auto dealership may also be able to list reputable lenders they recommend. Dealerships will have a customer’s best interest in mind when it comes to a short term loan. Not only is it good PR for them to do this, but they want to make sure the car legitimately stays off their lot and in the customer’s driveway.

    Do Some Homework

    When doing research about companies that offer short term loans to people with bad credit, one should learn all they can about the lender and see which one has the best interest rates. Learn about the fees associated with the loan, ask a lot of questions if needed, and be completely sure one is qualified before applying. After doing research on potential lenders, apply with the one that has the best deal.

    Apply and Get Financed

    If the application is confusing or one has a question about the process, have the lender provide guidance. Once the loan is approved, money to purchase a car will quickly become available.

    The steps to getting a short term car loan are simple, even when bad credit is an issue. An applicant should make sure they understand all of the fine print so they can get the best deal available with realistic terms.