• How to Get a Quick Auto Loan with Bad Credit

    It can be difficult to get a quick auto loan, especially if you have bad credit. A quick auto loan can generally be approved in one business day, and they aren’t offered by your local bank or credit union. To get this type of loan, you’ll have to go through your dealership or search online. This article will tell you how to get the best auto loans, even if your credit leaves something to be desired.

    Who Can Use a Quick Auto Loan?

    These loans are best for those with poor credit, and who don’t have the financial wherewithal to pay for a car outright. Quick auto loans don’t use a person’s credit score as one of the lending criteria, which means that you stand a higher chance of being approved. When a person who’s down on their luck needs a car, a quick auto loan is often their only choice.

    How Can You Get a Loan?

    There are a couple of things that you can do before you start the application process. You need to gather all your documentation (such as your credit reports). Even though quick auto loans don’t judge you on your credit score, they still need some basic information in order to process your application. At the bare minimum, be prepared to provide the lender with proof of employment and income.

    You then need to find a lender that offers this type of loan. A great place to start is through the dealership where you want to buy your car, and quick auto loans can be found on the Internet as well. Don’t bother asking your bank or credit union, because they don’t offer these loans.

    Get the Best Auto Loans Online

    Quick loans can be found online. The application process is quick and efficient, and the app will be processed almost instantly. Searching for a loan online makes it easier for car buyers to compare rates from different lenders, and some sites allow you to compare quotes from different companies, side-by side, and then apply immediately.

    Stay within Your Budget

    Above all, you should go into the loan process with a budget in mind. Know how much you can afford to spend, and don’t let a seemingly low interest rate trick you into signing for a loan that you won’t be able to pay. If you are quoted a high monthly payment even after you’ve offered to put a substantial amount of money down, go through a different lender.

    Getting Your Money

    With a quick auto loan, the lender can deposit the loan amount into your bank account as soon as your application is approved. You’ll have immediate access to the money, and drive off in your new car that day. To be sure that you’ll make your payments on time, it’s a good idea to set up an automatic bank draft. Doing this is a great way to rebuild your credit. Missing even one payment can damage your score, and automatic payments keep that from happening. Most lenders will even lower your interest rate if you make an automatic payment arrangement, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

    A quick auto loan is ideal for those who have made credit mistakes in the past, but need to get a new car fast. The application process is simpler than for a conventional loan, and more people are eligible. If you don’t want to wait for financing, then this type of loan may be right for you.