• How to Find the Right Used Car Loan

    A car loan is usually necessary even when purchasing a used car as most people do not have thousands of dollars of cash on hand. The loan process does not have to be a complicated process especially if one finds a loan that is right for them.

    Do Some Homework

    Before even shopping around for an auto loan, do some homework. One needs to figure out how much they are willing to spend on a car, how much they have available for a down payment and how much they can afford in terms of monthly payments. Also consider how much can be spent in gas and insurance premiums.

    One should also know their credit score. A good credit score will bring about a low rate car loan. Poor credit scores may raise the interest rate of a loan, which can raise the monthly payment or lengthen the term of the loan.

    If one has a car in mind, the used car value should be checked. Kelley Blue Book is a great resource for this so one does not get talked into paying more than a car is worth.

    Knowing these details can help a person be more empowered when choosing the perfect used car loan.

    Shop Around

    There are more lenders available than there are letters in the alphabet. One should take their time and become familiar with financing companies and the details of the loans offered. Be patient during this search and make sure the lending companies one is researching are reputable and have good consumer ratings.

    Dealerships may offer good rates in order to attract customers. One should check these offers out as the perks advertised may be advantageous since they may throw-in free oil changes and car washes along with other services, a used-car warranty, a free vehicle history report, and other deals to ensure one is a future repeat customer.

    Do not forget to consider a bank or credit union auto loan. Financial institutions such as these sometimes offer their clients better interest rates and lower fees. Banks or credit unions looking for new customers may also have promotions to attain new business.

    Know the Details

    If one has found a used car loan that looks promising, look at the fine print. Particularly look at the interest rate. Find out if the interest rate offered is just an introductory promotion that will change after a few months. Can the rate increase if the lending company reruns one’s credit score and sees it has declined?

    Also, know the penalties for making a late payment. Some companies may simply charge a late-payment fee while others may astronomically increase one’s interest rate. Taking the time to find out the nitty-gritty about a loan will eliminate surprises in the future.   

      Information and preparation are some of the best back-ups when it comes to finding the right car loan. Weighing what one can realistically afford against the details of a used auto loan can help one make an informed decision about what financing option is right for them.