• Auto Loan Brokers: What they Are and How to Find Them

    Auto loan brokers serve as middle-men for people who want an auto loan and institutions that provide them finance that auto loan. It is important to research different auto loan offers because they all have different interest rates. Auto loan brokers have access to a wide variety of lenders, so they are very efficient at finding the best deal on an auto loan for any given person. If you want to apply for an auto loan, but you don’t have time to find the best available deal, it may be in your interest to hire an auto loan broker to do this research and contact the various financial institutions for you.

    They are most often employed for those with poor credit because many possible lenders will require people with a poor credit rating to pay higher interest rates than people with better credit reports. Because it is harder for people with bad credit to find a good deal on an auto loan, the services of an auto loan broker are more often sought after in this case. Even for people with good credit scores, an auto loan broker can save time on finding a good deal on an auto loan.

    When shopping for a new or used vehicle, an auto loan broker can often help you save time and money on your next car purchase. They submit loan requests to multiple lenders for you to select the loan offer that is best for you.

    Use a search engine to find brokers online. Enter terms like “car loan broker” or “online car loan brokers” and click the “search” button. Sites like CarsDirect and LendingTree act as brokers. These types of brokers are easy to use and will usually have a credit decision sent to you within a matter of minutes or within an hour. Alternatively, you can visit brokers directly.

    Compare the offers. You will need to apply for loans with a couple of brokers, but do not apply with more than two or three, as credit applications adversely affect your credit score. Compare interest rates and loan terms offered and avoid brokers that charge you a fee, as they are normally paid commission by the lender.