• Blank Check Auto Loans: Get the Facts

    Getting blank check auto loans would seem to be a very good way to go about purchasing a car. When you are car shopping with a blank check auto loan you have a good deal more leverage than relying on a bank car loan or car financing with the dealer.

    You may be asking yourself, “Just what is a blank check auto loan?” Simply put, it is a pre-approved loan from a lender that lets you know the exact amount that you have to spend on a new car. You also know what the interest rate is that you are going to pay for this loan.

    The advantage you have with this type of loan is that you cannot be coerced by a sales person to accept add-ons that will increase that price above what you have to spend.

    By knowing exactly what you have available to spend, you will have the power to negotiate with the sales person to get a better deal than might be possible without the blank check.

    Getting approved for a blank check auto loan is no more difficult that the traditional auto loan. With a clean credit history you should be able to get approved with little effort. Some lenders however, might ask for a few details such as the VIN number along with the manufacturer and year of the car you are interested in purchasing.