• Why You Should Consider Roadside Assistance

    Roadside assistance costs vary between providers depending on the level and type of service that they offer. For the basic roadside assistance service, the cost can range from $45.00 to $65.00 for a single driver membership. $56.00 for a couple, and $76.00 for a family plan. For the premier level of service, you can expect to pay from $75.00 for a single driver membership, around $80.00 for a couple and about $110.00 for a family plan. There are a few companies that will offer a $5.00 a month plan, but its benefits are very limited.

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    There are many roadside assistance companies you can choose from, ranging from local to national companies, but here are clubs that rank at the top. Allstate Motor Club is one of the premier roadside assistance providers. They have a long track record, and they offer several plans to fit your needs. The American Automobile Association or AAA is a non-profit organization that offers this service to benefit their members. AARP Motor Club is offered by the non-profit senior organization AARP for the benefit of its members and their family. Nationwide is an insurance company like Allstate that also sells roadside assistance.

    Roadside assistance covers a myriad of needs but the amount of coverage varies from company to company. Coverage that includes towing, lockout service, jump starting dead batteries, flat tire assistance, and the delivery of fuel and coolant fluid are basic to most auto motor clubs. Most motor clubs divide their service offerings into tiers or service plans. These service plans are usually called basic or standard for their minimum coverage, and ambassador or platinum for their highest or extended coverage. Some companies offer plans in-between their highest and lowest coverage plans, and RV assistance that cater to the needs arising out of RV-related emergencies