• What is Split Limit Liability

    Split limit liability sounds like a confusing term to most drivers. However, once it gets broken down, it is not. Split limit liability insurance uses three different amounts of money for three different aspects of your coverage — individual bodily injury, bodily injury for an accident (no matter how many people are involved in it), and property damage liability.

    Split limit liability insurance is generally considered to be more expensive than single limit liability (in which you only receive a certain amount of money to cover everything listed above), but in turn you get much more coverage for your money; for yourself, your family, and in the event of an accident, the person who you are involved in it with. You can, for example, set a high limit for your personal injury, but a lower limit for your property damage if you have an older car that isn’t worth as much money as one that’s only one or two years old. This allows you to make split limit liability coverage more personalized for your needs, which you may find important depending on what your situation is.

    This type of insurance lets you choose what you want to cover based on your needs and expenses, and is therefore the ideal choice for budget minded people, parents, and people who frequently drive with many people in their cars. Split limit liability lets you determine the price of your insurance based on coverage you select, so you always can know that you’re covered.