• USAA Coverage Options to Consider

    USAA is The United Services Automobile Association, and it offers car insurance to people and their families who are serving or have served in the military. Originally founded in 1922 to insure Army officers who were unable to find insurance anywhere else, USAA now serves more than five million U.S. military personnel. Members get discounts on military car insurance, saving hundreds of dollars per year. USAA offers several options to consider.

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    Liability Protection

    Liability coverage is the minimum protection you can get, but only if you own your own vehicle. Depending on the laws in your state, liability protection may have to be followed by collision and comprehensive protection, plus personal injury protection.

    Personal Injury Protection

    This provides protection for you and your passenger(s) to cover medical expenses and lost income, and includes injuries from uninsured or underinsured motorists.

    Collision/Comprehensive Coverage

    These two usually come packaged together. Collision pays damages caused by rollover accidents, regardless of who is at fault. Comprehensive pays for damages caused by flooding, theft, fire or vandalism.

    Nationwide and Overseas Coverage

    Since USAA offers auto insurance only to military personnel, the coverage is available nationwide and overseas, and is known as a common benefit. The common benefit simply states that no matter where you are stationed, you will be able to speak with an English speaking representative, all policies will be in English whether stateside or overseas, and all claims will be settled in U.S. dollars. USAA also guarantees all work done to your vehicle, no matter where you are or who does the repairs.

    Other Options

    USAA offers other options including towing insurance, and rental car reimbursement. Both are used in case your vehicle is badly damaged in an accident.

    GAP Insurance

    If you are buying a new vehicle, consider adding GAP insurance to your auto insurance policy, as it is designed for new vehicle purchases. Since your new vehicle starts to depreciate in value from the moment you drive it off the showroom floor, this policy is the only one available that recognizes more than the “fair market value” of the car. This protection ensures the policyholder does not have to continue to pay off a loan on a vehicle which becomes stolen or damaged beyond repair.

    Numerous companies provide discounts for military personnel and their families. Doing your research and asking questions will help you find the right company for your needs. Overall, USAA is a good option for those who are protecting their country in the armed forces, and its coverage options should be considered when shopping around for insurance.