• Understanding What Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Covers

    Mechanical breakdown insurance is something that every new car owner should consider buying. Vehicle breakdowns and wear and tear on mechanical parts are a fact of life but with mechanical breakdown insurance you can avoid large repair bills. If you are like most people you have probably never heard of mechanical breakdown insurance. Here is a rundown:

    What Is It?

    Mechanical breakdown insurance is sometimes referred to as auto repair insurance. It is an insurance product that is sold by insurance agencies, unlike extended warranties that are sold by car dealers and other outlets. Mechanical breakdown insurance covers the cost of repair bills caused by breakdown or wear and tear on parts. It does not cover any damage caused by accidents nor does it provide any kind of liability coverage, so it is important that you carry regular auto insurance as well. Mechanical breakdown insurance is added on to your existing car insurance. There are restrictions involved, so be sure you read and understand your policy completely.


    The biggest restriction is the age of the vehicle. Mechanical breakdown insurance is often restricted to vehicles that have less then 15,000 miles and are under 15-months old. The owner must be the first title holder. Once you have mechanical breakdown insurance you can renew it until the car is 7 years old or has 100,000 miles on it. If you own a vehicle that does not meet these restrictions you can often get the same type of coverage with an extended warranty.

    What Is Covered

    Mechanical breakdown insurance covers the cost of repairs for breakdowns caused by failure of or wear and tear on mechanical parts. All mechanical parts are usually covered, but as with any insurance product, it is important to read the policy in its entirety and be aware of any exclusions. There is usually a deductible of about $250 for each repair but check your individual policy for details. Repairs can be done at any licensed repair shop, which makes it easy to get your vehicle repaired even if you are traveling.

    Where to Get It

    Mechanical breakdown insurance is an insurance product so it must be purchased from an insurance company. All of the major insurance companies offer it and you can usually get a quote online or by calling your agent. Geico has a popular product. The price will vary depending on the age, make and model of the car. It will be billed with your regular insurance which is easy and convenient.

    Breakdowns are never fun but mechanical breakdown insurance can be a real lifesaver when you are faced with a large and unexpected repair bill. Mechanical breakdown insurance should be something that every new car owner considers buying.