• Understanding SR22 Car Insurance

    Not all drivers may know what SR22 car insurance is. In fact, unless it applies to you, you may never know anything about this kind of state requirement for drivers. However, if you’ve done some basic research into an SR22, you’ll know that the term does not refer to a specific insurance policy, but rather to state legislation that helps law enforcement deal with specific issues they encounter in the process of documenting some forms of traffic violations.

    Why Drivers Need an SR22

    Again, if you have always held your required car insurance, you may not be aware of the problems that occur when an uninsured driver is stopped on the grid. Law enforcement officials have to take steps to prevent individuals from driving without insurance. On the first offense, drivers will be referred through a preventative process for this kind of traffic violation. In successive events, they may be arrested and fined heavily. One of the steps for a driver who has been caught driving without insurance is that most states will require a form called an SR22. This form helps to establish a driver’s financial responsibility. It may indicate that the driver has picked up insurance to back up his or her liability on the road.

    Other incidents like a DUI or DWI can also necessitate a driver carrying a SR22 form.

    Other Considerations for an SR22

    When a driver gets ordered to carry an SR22, they generally have to carry it for three years within the state that required it. When moving to another state, the driver will generally be required to keep the SR22 for the full term, even if the destination state is not one of those that requires a SR22 process.

    What Insurers Can Do

    A car insurance company that is accommodating to clients with an SR-22 can take care to issue that driver a policy that complies with all of the state requirements for their high risk driver coverage situation. The auto insurer can also include other helpful services like assistance in removing an SR-22 modification when the term has been met. Big companies like Progressive routinely offer their clients specific provisions for an SR-22.

    Looking for “SR-22 Insurance”

    Some parties involved in auto insurance have started referring to “SR-22 auto insurance,” meaning the kind of liability insurance mandated by the state for an individual driver in a high risk situation. It can be hard for a driver to find coverage after an accident or DUI/DWI because companies generally don’t like the higher risk associated with these drivers. Drivers in these situations may have to look for a “non-standard auto insurance” policy to provide adequate coverage for an SR-22, or they may have to look into whether their state operates an assigned risk pool for helping high risk drivers get coverage.

    All of the above information will help drivers who have been issued a requirement for an SR-22 to know what they need to stay on the road legally, and how to handle these kinds of issues in the future, for keeping clear evidence of their financial responsibility to avoid more legal problems on the road.