• Understanding Smart Car Insurance

    Unique to the specific make and model, Smart Car insurance offers special advantages to owners of the Smart Fortwo roadster through Liberty Mutual insurance. Rather than buying a custom insurance policy, Smart Car insurance provides an affinity car insurance program with tremendous benefits. Although the rates for Smart Car owners who apply for this insurance will vary depending on their personal situation, this type of specialty insurance is a chance to save money on car insurance while taking full advantage of premium coverage. 

    Smart Car Insurance Benefits

    Among the benefits you will receive with Smart coverage insurance are emergency roadside assistance 24/7 anywhere in the United States or Canada, free towing in the event of a breakdown to the nearest repair facility certified to work on Smart Cars and replacement parts that are guaranteed to be genuine. In addition, within the first year or 15,000 miles of ownership, a brand new Smart Car will be yours if for some reason yours is totaled in an accident that is not your fault. All you pay in that case is the deductible. And for those Smart Car drivers who take advantage of the many safety features Smart Car offers such as air bags, ABS brakes and anti-theft systems, accident forgiveness may be part of your policy as well as multi-car and low mileage discounts. 

    This insurance policy offers smart rates for an already smart car. Benefits may vary from state to state, but if you drive a Smart Car, look into the possibilities of Smart Car insurance for yourself and find out what type of premium you are eligible for.