• Top 6 Insurance Companies For Quick Quotes

    To get the best deal on auto insurance you can do your research by obtaining a quick online car insurance quote. When shopping for car insurance, you need to make sure you find out how to lower your premiums. This will help you save large sums of money over the years. Since most insurance companies offer discounted rates and promotional offers, it’s easy to do your research online and compare quotes offered by major insurers. Every company assesses a driver’s risk factor against certain criteria. Thus, the rates offered by each insurance company vary. You need to bear in mind that the cheapest quote might not offer you maximum coverage. Moreover, since some states abide by the Tort system, it’s beneficial to pay a few extra dollars to raise your level of coverage. Although it’s easy to obtain auto insurance quotes online, make sure you enter all pertinent information precisely, in order to get an accurate estimate.

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    Apart from being one of the major insurance companies in the US, Allstate allows you to get a ballpark auto insurance estimate without entering every personal detail. Since you may qualify for certain discounts, you will be able to get a good quote from this company. This will enable you to find out if you should switch from your current provider or not. Alternatively, you could visit an Allstate agent at a local office to get all the details about your coverage.


    Progressive is another major auto insurance company that allows you to obtain a quote in 3 steps. After entering your personal details on the online quote request form, you will be able to compare coverage and rates offered by other insurers and find out if you’re eligible for certain discounts or accident forgiveness and safe driver programs.

    Car Insurance Rates

    Car Insurance Rates allows you to get free quotes for any vehicle, and compare quotes offered by major insurers in your area. Since this company has a network of brokers and auto insurance companies, you will be able to find a policy that matches your needs or work with a broker in your area.

    Quote Car Insurance

    This website allows you to compare auto insurance quotes instantly. After visiting Quote Car Insurance, enter your zip code and fill out answers to a few basic questions asked.


    Visit the Farmers insurance website to obtain a Farmers Fast quote. It’s important to compare quotes offered by at least 3 major insurance companies before making a choice. It’s also beneficial to obtain online quotes and read the terms and conditions carefully to fully understand your coverage limits.

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    Mercury Insurance Group

    You could also research the Mercury auto insurance website to get an instant quote. You have to keep certain information handy when filling out the form online. You will be asked to enter driver information, vehicle information and the type of coverage you desire.

    Since the cost of auto insurance increases by nearly 30 percent after an accident, consider signing up for accident forgiveness or safe driver programs. If you qualify for the accident forgiveness program, your insurance will remain low even after your first incident.