• Tips for Getting Cheap Car Insurance for College Students

    If you’re like many college students, you probably don’t have much time for a full-time job; so, you want to find cheap car insurance that you can afford on a limited budget. Here are some tips to save money on your car insurance.

    Use Mom and Dad’s Policy

    Since you’re still in school, you are probably eligible to be listed on the car insurance policy of your parents. As long as you are a full-time student, and your previous address was that of your parent’s house, you’re probably eligible. If you are, this will help decrease the amount of your car insurance premiums a lot.

    Get Good Grades

    It is a fact that students that study hard and get good grades usually make for better and more responsible drivers. Car insurance companies know this as well and often offer discounts for college students that maintain good grade point averages or make the Dean’s list. Although studying hard is always a good idea – being able to save money on your car insurance makes it an even better one.

    Take a Driver Safety Course

    If you didn’t take one while you were in high school, you should take a driver education course at your college or university. If your school doesn’t offer a course, look for private schools in your area that do teach driver safety. When you complete and pass the course, your insurance company should reward you with a 10% or 20% discount on car insurance premiums.