• Tips for Getting Car Insurance Abroad

    Whether you are on business or on holiday, there are likely to be occasions when you require car insurance abroad. There are a variety of tips you may find useful in ensuring you have the right coverage for your needs.

    Existing Policy

    If you have a motor insurance policy for a car that you use in your home country, check whether it makes any provision for driving abroad. In some cases, insurance companies will provide indemnity for the policyholder to drive in a limited number of foreign countries. Where this is the case, check whether they will only indemnify a situation where you are driving your car abroad, or whether they will provide coverage for a rental car.

    If the policy does not cover this situation as standard, contact the insurance company to determine whether the policy can be adjusted for the period you will need car insurance abroad. Be aware that a fee may be payable if the insurance company agrees.    

    Rental Policy

    In the event you will be renting a car during the period you will be abroad, consider the terms of the rental contract from the company that you use. Most car rental firms will be able to offer rental car insurance within the terms and conditions of their contract. Be aware that this will often attract a fee in addition to the cost of renting the car itself. It is unlikely that this will be offered as standard, so make yourself fully aware of what is necessary to ensure this coverage is in place.

    Travel Insurance

    Where travel insurance has been put in place for the duration of your time abroad, check whether this provides any coverage in relation to driving a car. You may find that any coverage provided for car insurance abroad will only allow you to operate certain vehicles that have a limited capacity. When these types of provisions are in place, it is essential to be aware of them so you do not invalidate a claim that arises after an accident.

    Specialist Companies

    There are insurance companies on the market that specialize in providing out of the ordinary insurance coverage, and may be useful when car insurance abroad is needed. These companies will not only be able to provide car insurance policies for a limited period, but also for when you need car insurance abroad. 


    In addition to motor insurance brokers, you will find that there are other agencies able to assist you in obtaining car insurance while abroad. Major banks and credit card companies will often have international links to a range of other services, which will enable you to find a suitable insurer. A motor insurance broker will be in a good position to determine the best way to get a policy that will allow you to drive while abroad, yet locate the best deal.