• Risks and Rewards of Getting Student Car Insurance Quotes

    For a lot of drivers who are still in school, student car insurance quotes are useful in finding ways to get car insurance that they can afford. Because new drivers insurance typically covers a group known by insurers as “high risk,” it can be hard to find teen driver insurance quotes for high school or college students that will be cheap enough to fit into a student’s budget. Here are some of the pros and cons for looking at student car insurance offers from auto insurance companies.


    May Not Measure Up – Without comparison shopping, it’s difficult to tell if a student car insurance rate quote is really the best that an individual driver can do. Some of these student car insurance offers really do bring down costs, but others can be cleverly designed default settings to attract a broader range of students and get more names on the insurance role. Check to make sure that a student car insurance discount really is a bargain.

    Expiration – Another down side of student car insurance rates is that they generally expire when the student graduates. That means that you’re just getting a temporary car insurance bargain that you will have to renegotiate in just a matter of years, or months, depending on when graduation happens. For drivers who don’t pay attention to this detail, expiring student car insurance policies can be costly.

    Excessive Qualifications – Lots of student car insurance deals may have a lot of strings attached. Students may have to prove full-time or part-time enrollment, comply with mileage or use criteria, or deal with other eligibility issues.


    Good Discounts – Because they offer lower rates for some of the most expensive insurance risks, student car insurance discounts can be a very good solution for these younger drivers. Student car insurance quotes are one of the first avenues to look at when a younger driver is looking for his or her first auto insurance policy. They generally fill a popular niche in the auto insurance market, and are worth looking into.

    Incentives for Students – Student car insurance discounts may include incentives for good grades or for staying in school. This can help with the education of young people who may struggle with motivation during high school or college.

    Adding to a Good Driver History – Successful student car insurance agreements can look good in a driver’s insurance history. That means that when the student is negotiating future auto insurance policies, those insurers can look back and see a history of responsible personal finance management, which may lead to favorable conditions for coverage later on in life. Students can also often get alumni discounts from their schools to make the costs of staying on the road even lower.

    New drivers who understand the pros and cons of student car insurance can take the time to look into these kinds of options to see whether they can secure a cheaper way to stay on the road. Over time, a little relief in the price of auto insurance can leave a driver with more cash on hand for other necessary purchases.