• Risks and Rewards of Getting an Instant Car Insurance Quote Online

    Although there are numerous advantages in obtaining an instant car insurance quote online, there are some disadvantages associated with this practice as well. This article will list out the various advantages and disadvantages of getting an online quote for your auto insurance needs.

    Rewards of an Instant Quote:

    Instant Results

    You are able to instantly compare quotes from various companies and increase savings by choosing coverage with lower rates. A lot of companies also have payment calculators and you can use them to estimate the amount you would need to pay on a monthly basis, for the policy you choose. Since, you don’t have to personally go to meet several agents it could also save you plenty of time.


    You can get quotes from multiple companies from the comfort of your home at your convenience and don’t have to adhere to the office hours of insurance providers. You can use websites that allow you to enter your information in one form and obtain multiple auto insurance quotes. You may then select one that offers the best coverage, at an affordable price.

    No Obligation to Buy

    You are not obliged to buy the insurance coverage after receiving the quote. Also, getting the quote online doesn’t adversely affect your credit score. Thus, you can get multiple quotes from companies across the country and shop for the policy best suited to your needs and budget. You don’t have to deal directly with the sales tactics of an agent and need not be pressurized into taking a decision.

    Instant Coverage

    You can buy the policy in a matter of minutes and ensure that you have the required coverage immediately. Moreover, you can pay online with a credit card and won’t have to cope with lots of paperwork.

    Risks of Getting Online Auto Insurance Quotes:


    You don’t have an agent to answer your queries. If you were to go to an insurance office, an agent would sit down with you and try to keep your financial status in mind, while finding a policy with the right coverage for you. You lose this privilege by shopping online.

    Need to Provide Personal Information

    To get an online auto insurance quote, you need to provide personal information such as your name and email address. You could receive a lot of unwanted mails as an end result. In order to avoid this, you can set up an address that you don’t commonly use and reserve it specifically for this purpose. You should also be aware of online security and look for nondisclosure clauses, so that your personal information isn’t shared with other sites.

    Interpretation of the Fine Print of the Contract

    An agent would help you to interpret the fine print correctly if you visit an insurance office in person. In the case of an online quote, understanding the fine print is entirely your responsibility. Misinterpreting the contract could mean not acquiring the desired coverage.

    Unreliable Insurance Quote

    Most online insurance quotes are inaccurate and consumers have to pay higher premiums once the policy is issued. This is because of the incorrect information that’s provided at the time of filling out a quote request form.

    Although there are several risks associated with online insurance quotes, the rewards of getting an auto quote online far outweigh them.