• Choosing American Family Car Insurance

    American Family was established in 1927 and was originally known as the Farmer Mutual Insurance Company. In 1963, the name was changed to American Family and now serves customers with auto, health, home and life insurance needs nationwide.

    Insure Family Cars

    If you wish to insure your family cars with American Family, it’s best to contact an agent. Agents use consumer reports, so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the most accurate quote possible. The options include auto, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, health, and life insurance. They also cover home/condo owners and renters, businesses, and farm/ranch operators.

    You can call the agent directly or go online and request for an agent to call you. An agent will contact you within two days and help you get a family insurance quote that suits your personal needs. You can also get your quote online in a matter of minutes. However, this would be an estimated quote, as it would be based on information provided by you. It’s in your best interest to give precise information, as you run the risk of not getting an accurate quote if you fail to do so.

    Family Auto Coverage

    Your family auto plan increases in cost with each additional vehicle however discounts offset the costs you can earn by buying a group auto insurance policy. If there are multiple drivers on a policy, then all of the driving records are taken as an average. Even if one driver has a bad driving record, the rates won’t increase as dramatically, due to the good driving records of the others.

    Teen Insurance

    You may decide to put your teenager on your car insurance policy or you can buy a less expensive car for them to use and have a separate policy, still only paying lower premiums on it.

    Driving Records

    If you have had any convictions, violations or claims against your license in the past 3 to 5 years, you’re required to give this information as well. Based on your driving history, you may not be eligible for safe driver discounts.

    American Family is a reputable company, and while there might be a few risks in getting an auto quote from this company, there are a lot of rewards as well. It’s always best to deal with a trustworthy company that’s rated high for its financial stability, customer service and performance.